Why Should You Minimize Your Caffeine Intake?

Of course, all of us love that boost we get from caffeine. It is, in fact, an addiction to many. Many of us consume caffeine in large portions, without considering the many side effects this habit entails in the long run.

Cardiac arrest

You might remember the 28 year oldamateur motocross rider, who was admitted to the hospital owing to a cardiac arrest (year 2007). He was an otherwise healthy individual, and it was discovered later that the cause behind his cardiac arrest was the excessive amounts of caffeine he consumed through an energy drink throughout the day. Consumption of too much caffeine leads to increased blood pressure, and this can result in your cardiovascular system being affected. Hence, people with weak hearts need to be especially careful with their caffeine intake.

Insomnia can be dangerous

Most people addicted to coffee complain (or boast) of their lack of sleep. However, sleep is essential for good health, for it is during sleep that the vital hormones for the rejuvenating of one’s body are generated. Sleep is generated by the brain through a neurotransmitter called Adenosine. Excessive consumption of caffeine hinders the performance of Adenosine, thereby resulting in insomnia. 

Hallucinations needs to concern

Caffeine induces your brain to work overtime, leading to its exhaustion. The constant stress, artificially generated, can therefore lead to hallucinations. Research suggests that people with high coffee intakes – be it through chocolate, tea or even caffeinated drinks – show tendency to hear voices and see things. 

Confused pituitary

Every time you drink a cup of coffee, the brain sends a message to your pituitary gland to release stress hormones, which then directs the endocrine to release them. This is how your body gets a surge of adrenaline. However, excessive consumption can exhaust the endocrine, and reduces your ability to react to such stimulation. Thus, in most cases, these habits necessitate urology surgeon in Melbourne

Since the endocrine is a complex hormone-producing structure, post care for adrenal surgery requires the patient to adhere to strict medical instructions.

Leading to heartburn

A lot of people end up consuming high levels of coffee unknowingly. Most individuals are prone to grabbing a Starbucks on their way to work, and this means that in that one cup, you generally consume two to three average cups of caffeine. Excessive caffeine leads to a gastro-esophageal reflux, can lead to heartburns.
Anxiety and jitters

Caffeine stimulates heightened senses, increased heart rates and increased adrenaline hormones in one’s body. In such cases, most individuals are left with an overwhelming sensation, leading to anxiety disorders. You may have seen how sleep deprived students surviving on large amounts of coffee are constantly agitated, with rambled speech and thoughts. This is owing to the stimulation that excessive caffeine generates in their brain.

Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that even though caffeine can be extremely useful in boosting up your adrenaline levels when you need it most, constant consumption of caffeine leads to unwanted unpleasantness. It is generally recommended that a healthy person adhered to a limit 400mg of caffeine per day.

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