Things Your Dentist Wants You To Know

A dentist is someone the people fear all for the wrong reasons. They try to make you and your oral health as great as possible so that you can go out there without any embarrassment and put your best smile showing all teeth to everyone. Dentists are all doctors and like any doctor they want you to be in the best shape possible. Here are a few things that every dental doctor wants you to know.

Oral Cancer

Whenever you visit a dental clinic for checkup, you will always be checked for oral cancer. Oral cancer is a serious dental disease but it is curable if treated early. That’s why the dentists check for them every time. 

Gum disease

Gum diseases are cause by the bacteria that surround the teeth. It makes the gum weak to hold the teeth and will result in loss of a tooth. What you don’t know is that gum related diseases are connected to heart diseases and strokes. It can be treated if you check with your orthodontic soon or else it might even lead to bone loss on a serious note. Click here for more info in orthodontics from Hawthorn.

Bad breath

Bad breath can be a result of many different bad oral care so if you have bad breathe other than just the normal morning bad breath you might have to go for a checkup. A majority of the world is having bad breath and they use mouth wash to clear it up but that will only help you take the bad breath away for a short time but not actually cure the root problem. Brushing twice a day and flossing can help prevent it.

The Nutrients

Taking proper beverages and food is also an important part your oral health which we all might not really think about. The sugar from soft drinks and other food can mix together with bacteria in your mouth and become acids that will affect badly to your teeth. This could lead to dental problems and other diseases as well.

Dental problems

Dental problems won’t go away like when you catch a cold. If you stay safe for a few days and your cold goes away. Dental problems don’t go away without treatment. In fact cavity might even grow bigger and affect your gums which will end up in you having to do root canal.

Although people really think root canal is painful, it is not. Due to technology advancements in the dental field today everything is painless and very easy to deal with. Don’t worry about root canal.

One last thing, always change your tooth brush as soon as it wears out. After 3 months or so it won’t be effective. If you have gum problems change it once a month because bacteria can stagnate on your brush.

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