Modern Medicine vs. Alternative Medicine


There are many debates among young people about modern medicine vs. alternative medicine. While both of these have their pros and cons, modern medicine has been known to cure illnesses that were once thought to be fatal in years gone by. Once upon a time, people used to die of the common flu and of measles, today however these illnesses are seen as commonplace and many people do not even make a change in their daily routine when they are affected by these diseases. The modern human being is likely to pop a few antibiotics when they feel sick and continue with their daily routine because they are unable to take a day off from work. This said however, there is a new generation of young people that are making an effort to stay away from antibiotics as much as possible and rely on traditional medication made of natural herbs and plants instead.

The benefits of traditional medication or alternative medication

The human body consists of an immune system that is designed to fight off most illnesses and the more it fights, the stronger it becomes. However the immune system cannot fight off every illness and this is where antibiotics or modern medicine come into the picture. However it is important to allow your body to fight off common disease such as the common cold or the flu.

Alternative medication is designed to strengthen your immune system and allow it to fight off the disease more effectively. If you are experiencing symptoms such as muscle pain that are not serious it is best that you visit a chiropractor. Caringbah is likely to have many alternative medication and therapy units that you can visit for advice. Most of these alternative medication practices will inform you when you need to switch to antibiotics however it is important that you consult with a modern medicine practitioner as well just to be safe.

It is vital that you do not continuously take antibiotics as this can severely weaken your immune system. A weak immune system means you will not be able to fight even the most common of illnesses. Instead it is always advisable to visit traditional medicine practitioner or for a muscle pain, a chiropractor. Caringbah hospitals may have unit that specializes in traditional and alternative medication.

It would be useful for you to do your research on this subject well ahead of time so you will have the details in case you ever need them. In fact one thing that you could do to prepare yourself is to do your own research about traditional medication and the different herbs and plants that are available to cure different illnesses.


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