How To Treat Muscle Spasms In The Lower Back?

If you are facing muscle spasms in your lower back you need to take certain precautions. These consist of moving gently, using heating pads to reduce inflammation and discomfort and resorting to pain relievers that are found in most pharmaceutical stores. Usually anti inflammatory and non steroidal drugs are safe bets. These can help to reduce inflammation and swelling without adverse side effects. Instances of such drugs are ibuprofen and aspirin. These can help in reducing muscle spasms and pain.

When stretches help?

Once the pain has subsided, you might want to resort to the help of a Mudgeeraba chiropractor. He or she will be able to perform stretches which can manipulate the spine and provide relief to the joints and the spine. There are exercises and stretches that one can perform which will help to strengthen the lower back muscles. Back spasms will also be reduced in their frequency of occurrence in the future if the right stretches are performed.

Why spasms occur?

Muscle spasms in the lower back occur whenmuscles are over stretched or overworked. That can happen if one has lifted items and sprained their back in the process. Again, twisting or bending the back too fast can also make one injures their back. In these cases one can resort to get help from a chiropractor. Muscle spasms can occur when one sits around or stands in one position for long. If proper posture is not maintained the muscles become stiff and that increases the chances of injury. When muscles are tensed and sudden movement occurs, that leads to injury of the muscles and this causes muscle spasms.

How to get relief?

Those who are suffering from back muscle spasms might want to lie down to get relief. Unless the lower back is properly supported with a therapeutic pillow it will not be helpful to lie down. It is best to sit on a chair with proper back support. In case one is feeling the pain a heating pad will help to sub-side the discomfort. A hot shower will also help to relieve the pain. In case one feels more pain it would be good to take up muscle relaxant drugs or use ointment on the affected area.

Preventative measures

In order to prevent back pain from occurring, it is important that one stretches regularly and indulges in different kinds of physical activity. Regular exercises with proper stretches are important to keep the muscles in proper shape. This will help counter the adverse effects of sitting or standing for long. Strengthening the back muscles by doing exercise or strength training programs will help one to prevent lower back pain from occurring often.

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